DC Matchmaking is a discreet upscale matchmaking company for attractive, successful commitment-minded singles in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia.

"As your matchmaker, we become your personal agent, in effect, your dating headhunter."


“I can honestly say Michelle gave me the confidence I needed to navigate the scary world of dating again. She not only introduced me to women I would never otherwise have met, but even more, she helped me figure out what I was really looking for in a partner (which was different than I’d assumed) and coached me on how to think about and respond to all the different situations I encountered. Her advice and guidance were invaluable and comforting.”

– S.C.

“After trying other upscale dating agencies in the DC area without success, I learned about Michelle of DC Matchmaking. After meeting with Michelle, I knew that I was in good hands. Her passion, intuition and desire to actually listen to all of my requirements were apparent from the start. Michelle introduced me to my perfect match on only the second try. I currently feel like the happiest guy on Earth. Thanks Michelle!”

– C.B.

“I fell in love with the first man Michelle introduced me to! She knew exactly what type of person I wanted to meet. We’ve been together for over a year now.”

– V.L.

“My dearest Michelle, I will never forget how much I owe you. You were just so generous with your time and expertise in the subject of finding the right partner. Jay and I just love each other so much and we are totally determined to make this marriage work. Lots of love.”

– Glynda

“You are the absolute best and I can’t thank you enough for bringing out my self-confidence. The best 60th Birthday present to myself was hiring you!”

– Cheryl

“I want to express my gratitude for you having a tremendous impact not just on my dating life, but my overall well-being and improvement as a person this past year. I find myself in a great position in my life that I couldn’t have imagined being in a year ago and I want you to know that you played a positive role in that.”

– J.B. matchmaking client

“Speaking of gratitude, I am thankful for you! Your warmth and natural love of bringing people together makes me smile.”

– S.L.

“I think of you often and all of the lessons that you taught me. Your guidance from our coaching sessions still helps me in my marriage and I am so grateful that you gave me these tools. Matt and I never take each other for granted. Communication is so key. Thank you for helping me to find the love of my life. We are so in love with each other and we adore our 15-month daughter, who is walking, talking and breaking hearts. Thank you :-)”

– G.G. coaching client

“Thank you!!! The wedding was amazing as was our honeymoon in Hawaii! We haven’t been home for a week yet but we are looking forward to day-to-day married life. We cannot put into words how grateful we are that you introduced us. Here are a few pictures from the big day.”

– R.G. matchmaking client

“She’s awesome. Truly incredible. I felt like I was talking to someone cut from the same cloth. We seem to be on the same wavelength in terms of what we find stimulating and how we view the world. Eerily similar. And she seems to have many fascinating layers of depth. Wow Michelle. Where have you been hiding her?”

– Matchmaking client

“You changed my life. I will be forever grateful. Hiring you as a dating coach was one of the best decisions I ever made. I gained a great understanding of how to approach dating and choose a good man. I am getting married August 3rd!”

– M.B.

“You really care about people and your work and that shines through. I can see why you are the best at what you do!”

– Liz, coaching client

“Thank you once again! Lorrie and I are truly and absolutely in love! She is perfect in my eyes! I couldn’t be happier! I never thought it would happen to me this way! I am grateful for you and your caring about your business and the people you bring together!”

– G.J.

“Michelle, If the world had more people like you, it would be a better place. You made the difference in my life. Thank you so much for all of your help and especially for introducing me to Heather, the love of my life! I’m having the greatest time with Heather and found the peace in life I’ve been looking for. Thank you so much and we’ll keep you updated.”

– J.P.

“Michelle took the time to meet with me personally. She really “gets” what kind of woman I am looking for. I run a large national company and don’t have time to date the wrong women. DC Matchmaking takes the pressure off, so I can focus on running my business and spending time with my 10 year old son”

– S.R.

“I want to thank you again for working so hard on my behalf. You are an amazing person and I am so honored to have met you.”

– R.S.

“He’s a very special man, overwhelmingly so. Does it make sense to say that he’s nothing like what I expected yet appears to have all the qualities I could have hoped for?”

– S.A.

“Michelle has lived in the DC area her whole life. She has connections everywhere and seems to know everyone!”

– G.S.

“I was hesitant about going out with the man Michelle selected for me. Even after our first date, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to see him again. She felt sure we were a match, so I agreed to one more date. We’ve been dating for a while now, and I’m just crazy about him. I’m so glad I gave it a chance. Now I recommend DC Matchmaking to all of my single friends.”

– B.J.

“I think Michelle was as happy at my wedding as I was!”

– E.B.

“Michelle helped me present myself in a way that attracted the kind of woman I have always wanted to meet. Our wedding is in July!”

– S.K.

“Thank you for challenging my preconceived notions and my unrealistic expectations. You gave me the tools to be the best Me I could possibly be. Things are going really well with my boyfriend! I am very happy with him and I love how much we communicate. I feel very secure in this relationship because of who I am and how he rises to meet my needs. We do not place demands on each other. We do things for each other because we want to see the other person’s face light up. :) I am really excited to meet his parents and his sister in less than two weeks!?”

– G. G.

“I have been meaning to write you. I have been dating three very attractive men the past month. Enjoying it enormously. I stopped using the online sites to focus on these three men who are smart, sophisticated, tender, romantic, well- traveled and athletic. Thank you for helping me have the courage to do this. And for encouraging me to color my hair. All three men are very complimentary. You chose a good look for me, and the appreciation of your photographer’s pictures has been unanimous. I am amazed at the quality and quantity of men in my age group with depth to them. You may use this as a reference if you like.”

-60 year-old dating coaching client, Washington, DC

“I have been meaning to email you to say thank you for your counsel last year. I found the process extremely valuable and took many of your wonderful suggestions to heart. I am in a relationship now that is just entering the year mark, and progressing well beyond my expectations. So, yes, I am off the market!”

– J.F., 38 year-old coaching client

“Thank you so much. I hope I was able to convey to you on Wednesday how impressed I am with you in your role. You definitely have a gift in making simple what can be the very confusing world of relationships . I got so much out of our time together; I feel much more empowered to get what I want out of relationships, and I am very grateful for the time you spent with me.”

– E.G. coaching client

“Your insight, exuberance and joie de vivre are clearly evident. Most people have a profession, fewer still have a passion, but it seems you’re one of the truly lucky who have a perfect fusion of the two.”

– Steve, 35

“It was really wonderful meeting you. Your words of advice had a very strong effect on me. I was so impressed with how well and deep you think. I certainly need you as my relationship coach. I had a more productive meeting with you than I had with a number of therapists over the years.”

– Sonia, 52

“I’m so happy I finally decided to get help with dating and relationships and had the courage to make the call and get coaching. My future children have you to thank — seriously”

– J.Y., 36 year-old coaching client

“I am doing VERY well. All you have taught me has put me in a place of great interest on the internet. Match.com is the gift that keeps on giving, constantly and I am dating at least 2 if not 3 or 4 times a week. No one yet has captured my heart, and I have been in tough situations in terms of men liking me too much and my having to say that I am not into them. That part is tough, I feel for them!”

– R.M. 60 year-old coaching client

“Just wanted to say thank you for the best Christmas present ever! Chris and I have been pretty much inseparable since that first date and I’m head over heels. You seriously have a gift and I couldn’t be more grateful!”

– Database Member

“Thank you SO MUCH for all of your support, guidance, understanding and perspective over the last three months. I’ve really enjoyed working with you and have learned so much about how to screen guys better, set better boundaries, ask for what I want and be more assertive. I’m still working on it all, but your support has made a huge difference. I just wanted to tell you again how much I appreciate all the help you’ve given me. THANK YOU!!! I would love to keep in touch and keep you posted on my dating journey.”

– R.S. 41 year-old coaching client

“You might just be a genius! I got my profile up around noon today and just checked it… I already had 8 emails. Thanks again for everything, Michelle!”

– A.F. 39 year-old coaching client

“Good morning! So far I have gotten 23 emails. I also have about 20 winks and about 8 guys favorited me. BTW, do I need to reply to everyone? LOL! I am getting WONDERFUL comments about my profile and my pictures. Thank you!”

– J.D. 41 year-old coaching client

“I normally would send the “proper” thank you note via the post office, however, I felt that I had to thank you immediately and, the formality had to go out the window! Thank you so much for making me feel so comfortable. I know how valuable your time is as not only a business woman but, more importantly a mother. I know you went overtime with me and I want you to know I don’t take that for granted and how much I appreciate you and your time. You do truly give off light and energy and make people feel good – you did this for me. You gave me so much to think about. The people in your life are truly lucky to have you. Again, thank you for sharing so many things with me today. You are an incredible person.”

– M.S. coaching client

“I am incredibly happy and wanted to share that with you! I also wanted to thank you for your help on this long but totally worth it journey! If this is what I’ve been waiting for for 30 years, it was worth the wait! You are fantastic and will help a lot of people! You already have!”

– N.W. coaching client

“Michelle – thank you so much for speaking to my Divorce group last night. I was absolutely riveted by everything you were saying, and I’m not even interested in dating! You are truly a motivating speaker with fantastic information and advice. I am sure that the women got so much out of it, and I can’t wait to hear their feedback next week. I think you have so much to offer women of all ages and could be so successful doing speaking engagements. I wish Oprah still had her show for you to go on! I could gush all day, but thanks again!”

– Susan M. Richman, MS, LGPC, Bethesda Counseling Associates

“We went out to my parents’ farm on Saturday to celebrate my birthday with them….he proposed on Saturday afternoon and we were able to celebrate with my parents! So, I am thrilled to announce that I am officially engaged! We are so happy together and we have the same values and goals….somehow it has all fallen into place. We are thinking of a September wedding. Thank you again for your help and support through the process.”

– C.C., 33, Washington, DC

“Meeting you was the highlight of my week. Your empathetic manner, charm, easy story telling ability, and sparkle is captivating. I came away so invigorated. Just to think of dating as a skill to be cultivated rather than a deficient element of my life was uplifting. I really enjoyed getting to know. You are an inspiration and so obviously touch many peoples’ lives. Thank you for what you do. Helping others believe in their own potential is such a gift to give the world. I would like to work with you!”

– Margie, 48 year-old coaching client, Washington, DC

“I had the pleasure of working with Michelle in her coaching program for three months beginning in August 2012. If you are thinking about working with Michelle, but are on the fence, just do it! Her advice was very easy to follow, although it was a completely different approach to dating than anything I had ever tried before. The most difficult part was stepping outside of my comfort zone. But, when I did, I went from being someone who went on one or two dates a year to going on three dates a week and sometimes even three dates a day!

I’d never tried online dating before, but Michelle’s mix of tough love and consistent encouragement got me online. She has a delightful personality—high- energy and firm but encouraging. She’s also a fabulous photographer, the pictures she took of me for my online profile were literally some of the best photos I’ve ever had taken! Some of the guys I met I clicked with others not so much. Eventually, I met a man who I dated for several months before deciding that the relationship wasn’t right for me. Left to my own devices, I probably would have stayed in the relationship much longer. In the past, I’d often stayed too long in the wrong relationship, wasting valuable time.

I think the biggest benefit that I’ve gained through working with Michelle is that I enjoy my life so much more now. Working with her got me to get up, get out of the house, make new friends, and try new activities. I highly recommend Michelle as a dating coach. If you follow her advice, have fun, and really push yourself you will see the benefits. Expect an adventure!”

– Stephanie, 39 year-old coaching client, DC