DC Matchmaking is a discreet upscale matchmaking company for attractive, successful commitment-minded singles in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia.

"As your matchmaker, we become your personal agent, in effect, your dating headhunter."

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is my privacy ensured?

As your Matchmaker, we are always discreet. Your personal information will never be shared without your consent. Every interaction between you and DC Matchmaking is held in the strictest confidence.

2. Do you do background checks?

Your safety is paramount; therefore all of our clients are required to undergo a thorough background investigation.

3. How many dates will I go on?

There is no limit to the amount of dates you can go on. Depending on your preferences, expectations and marketability, you may date often. Or, if your criteria are more limiting, you may go on fewer dates. But rest assured, quality is much more important than quantity when it comes to meeting the right match. We will make sure you go on dates with quality commitment-minded singles with whom you are compatible.

4. Who are your clients?

Our clients are exceptional. They are attractive, educated, savvy, and successful. We work with high caliber singles who are ready for and committed to finding long-term relationships.

5. How old are your clients?

We represent singles ages 21 and older.

6. Who arranges the date?

We do! DC Matchmaking will coordinate a time and place that work for both of you. All you have to do is show up and enjoy your date.

7. What if I meet someone who I want to focus on for a while? Can I freeze my membership?

You may put your membership on hold for up to six months.

8. I live in Baltimore. Am I able to become a client or a free member?

Yes! We serve singles in the Washington, DC, Annapolis and Baltimore Metropolitan areas.

9. What if I live in another area, say New York, but I am willing to relocate to DC? Can I become a client or member?

If you are willing to travel to DC for dates and are also open to relocation, we will consider working with you. Please contact us and let us know about your unique situation.

10. Why would someone like me choose to hire a matchmaker?

  • You don’t want to date online or use dating apps – you want something more personal.
  • You are concerned about privacy and don’t want to post your photo online.
  • You are too busy with your career to spend time searching for dates.
  • You are a busy single parent and want to spend your free time focusing on your children.
  • Most of your friends are married and you don’t know many single people.
  • You keep choosing the wrong type of person to date and could use some help to make a better choice.

11. I’m not sure I’m making a good impression on dates. Do you provide date coaching or image consulting?

Yes we do. Your success is our priority, therefore we will happily advise you on your appearance and/or dating etiquette upon request.